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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Publishing Note: "Turkey’s President Erdoğan counter-coup cleanup"

My first academic blog piece at Strife was published today:  "Turkey’s President Erdoğan counter-coup cleanup."  It highlights a potentially serious security problem that Erdogan may be creating for himself in his post-coup power consolidation efforts.

Go take a look!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Publishing Note: Launch of

I've launched as a linkblog that fills the gap left by the former "Recommended Reading" series.  It's also on Twitter as @KRBReads.

Kyle R. Brady:  Reads is a constantly updated, one-at-a-time, running list of things that I think are worth reading within the realms of security and academia. Sources include those from my daily reading list, as well as academic papers and other things I come across.  It uses a combination of Blogger, Diigo, and IFTTT services to auto-post as it tracks things that I individually mark for posting/sharing.

Go take a look!